Welcome to Steer Queer!

Hello! Thank you for visiting our wee baby website! My name is Cat, founder of Steer Queer, and I've spent the last few months with a small team packing this site full of all the fun things I thought you'd like!

I definitely get help sometimes but day to day,  Steer Queer is just me. If you have any comments or suggestions, send them my way! Also, if you have nice things to say, send those too! Running a small business is stressful and validating moments that keep you going are rare.

Things you can definitely look forward to seeing on this website in the near future:

  • order form for our custom boxers collaboration with the Glitter Grandpa
  • more posts on this blog
  • bios for our models, because most of them are also local artists!
  • a promotional feed for queer-owned businesses! (I'm really excited about this one!)
Catherine Conley