Mission Statement

Steer Queer aims to promote collaboration, networking, education, support and understanding related to social justice within the queer community. No qualifications! No queer stamp of approval! All are welcome to contribute to our network regardless of artistic/written ability or experience, and to become part of a community based on personal expression.

Early Steer Queer Art

Early Steer Queer Art


Steer Queer was created in December 2013 during a meeting of the queer minds at Silky's Pub in Pittsburgh. In 2014 we officially launched as a quarterly queer arts and literature magazine. 

In 2015 founder, Cat Conley enrolled in a fabrication employment program called Made Right Here that operated out of the TechShop location in Pittsburgh and everything changed! A separate jewelry and artwork shop called CatCall Designs was created and for two years Cat ran both the zine and shop separately. In this time Cat published 8 issues of the zine and fulfilled more than 250 shop orders!

After two very, very long years, their friend James Gyre of Naked Geometry said, "Cat, you have too many social media accounts. Everything you do should be under Steer Queer because Steer Queer is you!" 

Cat decided this was very wise advice and as a result, Steer Queer became what is today: a multi-level resource and shop to fill the needs of trans and queer people.